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about us

Established in Auckland in 1995, advancedprint+design is owned and operated by Jim and Sandy Walker.  From the beginning our aim has been to meet the needs of our clients in all areas of print and graphic design, with a focus on providing high standards of professionalism and dependability.
Advances in technology since the mid 1990s have been huge and impacted on all businesses; none more so than in the print and graphic design industry.  advancedprint+design has kept changing with the evolving industry landscape, embracing the innovations in print and graphic design methods to offer our clients, large and small, the benefits that come with new technology.
Our innovative online ordering system is an example of these benefits – clients login and update their business card details, get an instant proof and check-out in about three minutes – quicker than a phone call.  Plus all their print products can be available to order online from their secure catalogue at the click of a mouse, any time of day or night.
The print industry has a long history and advancedprint+design is proud to be part of this important industry.  We ensure we have a strong team whose wide range of skills, experiences and qualifications in print and graphic design means we make the most of every print and graphic design project that passes through our hands.

Trust us to be your print communication partner – and you’re in safe hands.